Facebook Fan page optimization: calls more traffic

Promoting the business through Social media websites is not so difficult unless you know complete strategy behind the success parameters and if you are using Facebook to maintain your social connections, then you can reap good results within no time.

Creating a fan page for business promotion is a very fruitful activity as it creates the brand awareness among people and proves to be a profitable endeavor. As per the SEO consultants, mere creating a fan page will not work unless you optimize it completely to drive more traffic thereby more prospective leads. To bring more visitors to your facebook fan page, you should make your page attractive by following certain tips.

  • Upload a professional picture complimented by your business logo to attract your audiences and customers.
  • Instill a redirection tab in your fan page. With the tab, users can easily pick their favorite segment and enjoy visiting your fan page.
  • Include your website URL with the short description posted by you on your fan page. By clicking the link, visitors could reach to your website and explore more about your company.
  • To make your fan page more attractive, you can make an arrow sign below the picture towards the like button of the page. This will attract visitors to put a like on your facebook fan page which boost up more traffic.
  • Share and post updates about your company, any new product launch or any latest news which you feel would suits customers view point. Try to post at least three updates daily. This will give you more exposure and leads to drive more traffic.
  • Promote your facebook fan page on your website, blogs and through advertising. The more you promote it, the more you will get acknowledgment by the visitors.
  • Try to be authentic towards creating genuine fans for your fan page. Instead of using fraudulent approach, try to gain likes by genuine people. Only then you will gain good amount of traffic, thereby great leads and good revenue.

Optimizing the fan page will bring prospective buyers which could further be turned into great customer base. You only had to follow the above mentioned tips and can gather good exposure on the search results through your facebook fan page. In case, you find yourself unable to do so or not aware of effective optimization techniques, you can ask a professional social media optimizer.


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