Google Penguin 5, With the Penguin 2.1 Rolled Out

  1. Google Penguin 5, With the Penguin 2.1 Rolled Out

In this techno savvy era, there are so many technological wonders being discovered daily in the consumer market. There are many websites being launched daily on various brand products to reach out to a global audience and make a name for them in the internet domain. The search engine results keep busy in topping the charts of these known household web names. Now the Google Penguin has been launched some time back to decrease the amount of search engine results which go against the Google webmaster guidelines. It is also made to prevent spamming.

The latest edition of the Google Penguin update which has been rolled out is the Google Penguin 2.1 also known as Google Penguin 5 which has just come into the technological domain. The internet searches are cut down prominently by this Google Penguin update to a one percentage which is as per the website reports.

The webmasters need sites which are free from bad backlinks and in this way the Google Penguin 5 is hugely useful as it does away with these backlinks which may have been unnoticed by the earlier updates. This recent Google Algorithm to take the market by storm has been unleashed on 4th October 2013 following an announcement on Tweeter. More details are definitely to follow as the eager webmasters keep track of their websites for backlink monitoring.

Google has laid stress or links which are done on a paid or bought basis.  If you monitor your web traffic and check a fall you will know that the update has hit your site.

The use of this algorithm is to check the sites for the anchor texts and the articulate contents which have posted there for consumer information on a rapid scale. The ratio of keywords in the proper amount of inferior quality contents are well mapped out. Next comes the checking of the backlinks which simply appear with unchecked blogs.  These are some of the few facts which have been discovered about the Google Penguin update.

The earlier versions of the Google algorithm which has been launched way back in April 2012 were called Panda. They were founded for the purpose of terminating or spamming the contents which were not appropriate on the internet websites. The positive kind of search engine optimization or SEO Consultants can make your blog or site very easily accessible and each individual page stand out.  Positive search engine results will help you reach a good clientele. However if you continue to get bad back links to your website, the Google update is a shot in to help you.

Since this is a recent release the audience and viewer appreciation is all the more since anything new on the internet or even in the technological domain catches a lot of attention pretty rapidly. So stay tuned in for more updates on the Google update 5 with the passing days and keeps checking SEO services for traffic monitoring and effective search engine results.

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